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Making the most of hymns

Though the main focus of Singing the Faith Plus is on the hymns we sing in worship (how they can be used, what the authors are wishing to express), we have a strong commitment to contemporary worship leading, which we are working to reflect with the growing number of chord sheets.

And now here are three new resources.

In Making musical partnerships Rob Newton and Laurence Wareing discuss “bolting together” different hymns and songs.

Rob Newton addresses wider issues of “traditional” and “contemporary” worship in this downloadable PDF, De-mystifying the role of contemporary worship music. What do we really think the differences are, and the similarities? How does a “hymn sandwich” service differ from a “4 W’s” service? How can bands and worship leaders most effectively support congregations in contemporary worship?

And adding to our growing collection of new hymns published on StF+, Kathy Flynn’s Throne of Grace – complete with downloadable PDF with music and YouTube link to Kathy performing the song.

Do you have ideas or contributions that might help us increase our resources praise bands? Do get in touch at

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