Lord Jesus Christ (Living Lord): A Eucharistic Prayer

Authors & translators:
Murphy, Andrew T
Living Lord
Composers & arrangers:
Appleford, Patrick (comp)
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Authors & translators:
Appleford, Patrick (auth)

The following prayer for use during the celebration of Communion has been written by the Revd Andrew Murphy. It incorporates the words of Patrick Appleford's ballad, Lord Jesus Christ ("Living Lord") (StF 594).

Andrew allows the words of the hymn to invoke the story of the Last Supper (v.2) and throughout his additional prayers he implies our prayerful hope that the Holy Spirit will bless the sharing of bread and wine.

It is intended that the words of the hymn be sung by all.

The prayer is also available as a PDF download.

Father God,
we come into your presence;
we come as your children;
we come to give our thanks and praise.

Holy Spirit,
we acknowledge your presence with us;
we welcome you into this place;
we ask your blessing upon us, and upon this bread and wine.

Lord Jesus Christ,
we come to your table, as you invite us,
we come as your disciples, and you call us friends,
we come to ask that you forgive our sins
and fill us with your love.

We sing Lord Jesus Christ (Verse 1)…

Lord Jesus, we thank you for the gift and the mystery this meal:
And we come to remember
how on the night before you died,
you shared a meal with friends,
teaching them of your love,
and releasing your power into the world.
Giving thanks, breaking bread, blessing wine:
Your body and blood; for us and for all.

We sing Lord Jesus Christ (Verse 2)…

Lord Jesus, we thank you that you have come to be our Saviour:
born as one of us,
living a life free from sin:
Healing and serving,
loving and giving.
We remember how you suffered upon the cross,
dying for the sin of the world,
rising victorious from death,
now living forever: exalted in heaven.

We sing Lord Jesus Christ (Verse 3)…

Lord Jesus, we thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit.
As we share this meal together,
may you unite us with yourself and the Father,
bind us to one another in love,
and release us to serve you in the world:
Healing and serving,
loving and giving,
free from the power of guilt and sin,
as you renew us in your grace.

We sing Lord Jesus Christ (Verse 4)…

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,

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