When? 4th Sunday in Lent

Mothering Sunday falls at the midway point of Lent. The StF+ lectionary resource provides two sets of readings and suggested hymns for the day, including a set tailored specifically for Mothering Sunday.

Hymns that heal

Hymns by Fred Kaan and Alan Gaunt (both writing out of the United Reformed Church traditions) speak sensitively about the different facets of motherhood. In particular, Alan Gaunt (We gladly celebrate and praise, StF 120) is alive to the stories of Jesus' mother and to the Biblical ideas of "God's own mother-love" as well as to "mothers, who with broken hearts, are face with grief and loss".

mothering-sunday-healingOur feature For those who experience loss: alternative hymns for Mothering Sunday highlights three other hymns that help us respond to the needs and feelings of those for whom this can be a difficult day.

Take a look, also, at two hymns by Gillian Collins, both published on this website. Woman stooping, bent and burdened draws upon biblical stories to highlight particular physical, emotional and social challenges faced by many women. She offers a recurring affirmation: “Sister, you are God’s delight”. Remembering Mary reflects a range of parental feelings through the example of Jesus' mother.

Worship and study resources

The Mothers' Union have produced a wide-ranging selection of collects, prayers and litanies for use on Mothering Sunday.

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