Mourning a Queen, welcoming a King

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crown-gettyimages-654743398-croppedHymn suggestions on the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

The Revd Dominic Grant has written the following hymn, which may prove valuable over the coming days and weeks.

We stand to mourn a sovereign

We stand to mourn a sovereign,
a nation's guide and friend,
who through long years of tumult
was faithful to the end.
We offer our thanksgiving
for all that she instilled:
her constancy of service,
her lifetime's vow fulfilled.
Now from our world departed - 
though never from our hearts -
receive her in the peace, Lord,
your love alone imparts.

And as we mark a passing
of sceptre, orb, and throne,
we'll find in her compassion
a pattern for our own:
that all who stand in mourning,
or languish now in fear,
may know again your promise
to wipe away each tear.
With her we'll join in witness,
Christ's mercies our refrain:
great Sovereign of the nations,
eternal is your reign!

Words: © Dominic Grant, 9 September 2022.
Tune: Thaxted (“I vow to thee, my country”) (StF 606) 


The Revd Andrew Pratt has also revised the hymn he wrote to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It can be found on his blog page, hymnsandbooks: 

A hymn on the death of Queen Elizabeth II, 8 September 2022 (“Once a woman heard a message”)

Other hymns in Singing the Faith

  • It is God who holds the nations in the hollow of his hand (StF 705) – an evergreen hymn written for the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977, it also proved ideal for marking her Platinum Jubilee earlier this year. With its particular note of thankfulness and admiration (v.3), it comes into its own once again as we mark the death of Her Majesty and her funeral in September 2022:

     When a thankful nation, looking back, has cause to celebrate
     those who win our admiration by their service to the state;
     when self-giving is a measure of the greatness of the great:
     may the living God be praised!

As we transition into a new reign, of King Charles III, consider also two hymns by Timothy Dudley-Smith:

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