This is the long awaited day (Wedding hymn) (website only)

St Anne
St Fulbert
Authors & translators:
Albans, Keith

This is the long-awaited day
On which their vows are shared;
May we who’ve gathered offer them
Continued love and care.

Let every voice be tuned in praise
And sing a joyful song,
Rise and acclaim the power of love
Entwining two as one.

Come now, as in this sacred place
Love’s promise is declared;
All of us witnesses, and thus,
Richer beyond compare.

Eternal Father, hear our prayer
That each in love will grow;
On bride and groom your riches pour,
May they your blessing know.

Words © Keith R. Albans, 2013

Metre: Common Metre (86.86)

Suggested tunes: Written with the tune “Lloyd” in mind (Methodist Hymn Book, Alternative Tunes 29). There are many Common Metre alternatives in Singing the Faith, each one adding a slightly different colour to the words. Options include "St Fulbert" and “Beatitudo” (both StF 73), and “St Anne” (StF 132) – though this is more than usually closely associated with one set of words.

More information

Keith writes about this text: “I was asked to write a hymn for my son’s wedding, which I was also conducting on 3rd August. 2103. He wanted it to “Lloyd”, as the music was provided by a brass band, and not to make too many mentions of God!”

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