We believe (The Apostle's Creed) (website only)

Composers & arrangers:
Thompson, Paul (comp)
Authors & translators:
Thompson, Paul (auth)
The Trinity

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1. We believe in God the Father,
Infinite creator,
And Jesus Christ, his Son, the living Word.
We believe that through the power
Of the Holy Spirit
The Virgin Mary gave birth to our Lord.

We believe: our Father gives us life!
We believe: our Saviour gives us hope!
We believe: the Spirit gives us strength!
We believe!

2. We believe our Saviour suffered
At the hands of Pilate,
Was crucified and cast down in the grave.
We believe that on the third day
Christ walked with the living
And then to heav’n triumphantly was raised.

Repeat chorus

3. We believe that with the Father
Christ now reigns in glory
And he will judge the living and the dead.
We believe God’s Spirit guides us;
We are one in Jesus,
Who brings forgiveness and eternal life.

Repeat chorus

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Words and music © 2011 Paul Thompson

Metre: 8.6.10.D. and chorus

Tune: download PDF

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