When the earth's wild hidden forces (website only)

Cwm Rhondda
Authors & translators:
Brookes, Norman

1 When the earth’s wild hidden forces
roar and shake and tilt the ground‚
making fissures, cracks, and sinkholes
in this land that once seemed sound‚
then we know a power beyond us,
part of mystery profound,
part of mystery profound.

2 When the earth’s wild hidden forces,
crush and maim, and kill life’s dreams,
taking from us those who loved us,
people that we long esteemed‚
then we know a power beyond us,
greater than we ever dreamed,
greater than we ever dreamed.

3 When the earth’s wild hidden forces,
strike our cities thought secure,
damage buildings long enduring,
till‚ unsafe, they stand no more‚
then we know a power beyond us,
sprung forth from creation’s store,
sprung forth from creation’s store.

4 Now let earth’s wild hidden forces,
show us values long ignored
in our search for passing pleasures:
life and love, and faith in God‚
in the testing and the turmoil
may God’s healing power be found
may God’s healing love abound.

Copyright, ©‚ September 2010, Norman E Brookes (CCLI Song No 5953367) Used by permission

Metre: 87.87.47. extended

Suggested tune: Cwm Rhondda (StF 465; H&P 437)

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