Woman stooping, bent and burdened (website only)

Special Sundays:
Women against Violence
All Saints
Composers & arrangers:
Monk, William Henry
Authors & translators:
Collins, Gillian
Composers & arrangers:
Schalk, Carl F.

God's Delight

Woman stooping, bent and burdened,
Eyes downcast towards the ground,
Jesus beckons you to freedom,
Lift your head and gaze around.
Sister, you are God's delight,
Tall and grace-full in God's sight!

Woman, drained of life's sweet forces,
Ebbing vital strength away,
Touch his robe, soak in his power,
Jesus makes you whole today.
Sister, you are God's delight,
Health and dignity your right!

Woman, trapped by expectations,
Plaster saint or duteous slave,
Jesus offers choice and challenge,
Break the mould, be bold and brave.
Sister, you are God's delight,
Live the life and fight the fight!

Woman, self-abasing, fearful,
Clinging to your Master's feet,
Set him free – he longs to raise you,
In new life your Lord to greet.
Sister, you are God's delight,
Shout God's praise with all your might!

Text: © 2002 Gillian Collins

Metre: 87.87.77.

Suggested tunes: All Saints (StF 725; H&P 60ii); Fortunatus New (StF 643)

Verse 1: Luke 13:10–13
Verse 2: Luke 8:42b–48
Verse 3: Luke 1:26–33
Verse 4: John 20:10–18

Originally written in a workshop at a Women's Network conference led by Dr Nicola Slee.

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