A Prayer in Manx Gaelic – with translation

Chiarn t’ou gobbraghey dy kinjagh ga nagh nodmayd fakin eh, ec traaghyn doillee kyndagh rish fuillaghtagh as guin, t’ou shooyl faggys dooin. T’ou nyn soilshey ayns ny traaghyn s’dorree; nyn dreisht tra ta dagh ooilley red caillt as nyn niart tra ta shin tuittym. Cooin lhien dy hreishteil ayns dty chummey as dy akin dty hashtaghyn ayndoosyn mygeayrt y mooin. Amen.

Lord, you are always working even though we might not see it, in difficult times of suffering and pain, walking next to us. You are the light in the darkest of times; the hope when all is lost and the strength when we fall. Help us to trust in your plan and see your treasures in those around us. Amen.


Ealish Ayres, 3Gen, Isle of Man

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