18 February 2021

Climate Justice for All


2021 will be a pivotal year in the fight against the climate crisis. In November, the UN will hold its annual climate conference (the Conference Of Parties 26, or COP26) in Glasgow. ‘Climate Justice for All’ is a global campaign led by young people employed by the Methodist Church from Britain, Fiji, Italy, Uruguay and Zambia. The goal is to encourage Methodist churches and partners around the world to commit to taking action for climate justice and call on their representatives at the COP to make climate justice possible for everyone.

‘Climate Justice for All’ has two main focuses:

  • Equipping vulnerable communities on the front lines of climate change with the resources they need to adapt to the changing world.
  • Fairness, promoting action where the highest emitting countries commit to being the most ambitious in reducing carbon to net-zero and supporting efforts in other countries to reduce carbon outputs and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

The campaign will equip communities around the world with resources to better understand the issues surrounding climate change and inspire action. Volunteers from all six continents will help to shape the campaign so that it is empowering in all of our global contexts. The campaign will culminate with a 12-hour livestreamed event in Glasgow during COP26, which will celebrate the work of the campaign from around the world, through music, prayer, dance, and other forms of worship. The online event will enable everyone who was involved in the campaign from around the world to take part, including you!

This global campaign is supported by JPIT, All We Can and the Methodist Church in Britain, with funding from the World Mission Fund.

For more information on ‘Climate Justice for All’ please visit: www.jointpublicissues.org.uk/cop26/

Meet the COP26 Campaign workers:

I’m Mollie, (left) from the Methodist Church in Great Britain. I was so excited to get involved with this project because I think there is something incredibly powerful about the global Methodist family declaring together ‘we believe in climate justice for all’.

I’m James, (right)from the Methodist Church in Great Britain. I am driven to work on this project by the hope of the real world change we might be able to create through it, around the world, for communities and for the environment.

I’m Maima, (left) from the Pacific Council of Churches based in Fiji. This project holds a lot of potential to create union amongst our world leaders in order to help combat the impacts of climate change. This project not only drives empowerment amongst our youths to fight for climate justice but it’s also an inclusive space where all races, genders, religions, etc are welcome. It creates opportunities for change in our world and helps shift behaviours and mindsets that grounds our holistic wellbeing to be an important indicator in life.

I’m Irene, (right) from the Methodist Evangelical Church in Italy. I’m very enthusiastic to work on this project, working with people from different countries and have such an opportunity to make a change together around the world and recognizing the importance of climate justice. You can find Italian Lent Resources here.

I’m Camila, (left) from the Evangelical Methodist Church in Uruguay. What excites me most about the project is the togetherness and global aspect of it, because it helps raising environmental awareness in all the communities around the world.

I’m Jessica, (right) from the United Church in Zambia. I am excited to be part of this project because it gives me an opportunity to contribute positively to Climate justice as a Methodist youth and also help me make a difference in my community.

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