14 September 2020

The Best of All...

A New Global Relationships Worship Resource Available!

These new worship resources take a global Church perspective of this year’s presidential theme “The best of all is, God is with us”. There are two services, each with fresh and inspirational material from Methodists working around the globe.

Conrad Hicks, the Director of Global Relationships for the Methodist Church in Britain said, “I am delighted that, through these worship resources, congregations in Britain will be encouraged, by the testimony of Christians throughout the world, that God is with us in times of challenge, as we grow as disciples and as we share the good news.”

The resources include hymns, orders of worship, prayers, stories and reflections, with two different service options for preachers or times when your church has a local arrangement.

Materials can be used on any Sunday throughout the year and we suggest church councils work with local preachers’ meetings to agree a date for using them. The two services are different, so a congregation should be able to use both at different points in the year.

 You can find the new worship resources here

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