Bible Month

Bible Month NEW

  • Introducing Bible MonthThe Methodist Church is encouraging churches and circuits to run a 'Bible Month'Read more  
  • Sign Up to Run a Bible MonthIf you’re interested in running a Bible Month in your Church or Circuit...Read more  
  • Why Run a Bible Month?Bible Month - Why run a Bible MonthListen to people's experiences of taking part in a Bible MonthRead more  
  • Bible Month MagazineThe Bible Month Magazine on Jonah for 2018 will be available here in January 2018. Read more  
  • Bible Month Training DaysBible Month Training Days for 2018.Read more  
  • Bible Month Question CardsThe Bible Month Question Cards are designed to prompt reflection and conversations on the BibleRead more  
  • Bible Month 20172017 JamesResources and materials from Bible Month 2017 - 30 days with James.Read more  
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