Bible Month 2023 

In 2023's Bible Month, the Methodist Church feasted upon the Book of Revelation


Revelation is one of those biblical books we can be tempted to avoid. It has a bit of a history and reputation for being misused, abused and misconstrued. Its odd and even disturbing imagery can make it quite an uncomfortable and perplexing read. But this pastoral letter, written by an elder sage to a diverse group of committed yet messy, tired, hurting and confused churches can actually offer us a lot of comfort and instruction about how to live hopefully, faithfully and lovingly as God's people today, however challenging a time and place we might find ourselves in.

So join us as we chew over its words together in a host of different ways; appreciating its strangeness, responding to its challenges and hearing its encouragement.

Order your copy of the 30 Days with Revelation booklet from the Preach website now. 

To help make Revelation a bit more bite-sized, we looked at a different section each week through a different theme:


Week 1: The Church Then and Now (Chapters 1-3)


Week 2: The Triumph of the Lamb (Chapters 4-5)


Week 3: Witness, Worship and Waiting (Chapters 10-13)


Week 4: Heading Home (Chapters 17-22)

Alongside these themes, individuals, groups, circuits and churches were encouraged to engage with the text and message of Revelation in a whole host of different ways. The 2023 menu plans included

  • 30 Days with Revelation: including Study Notes with Preaching Points, Small Group Session Plans and All-Age Worship Ideas, etc.
    (Available now - click on the link above)
  • Preparation Training Day: for those involved in promoting, encouraging and facilitating Bible Month locally (Local Preachers, Worship Leaders, Small Group Leaders, etc). 
    (Click the link to view a full recording of the day)
  • Engagement Opportunities: including Reading Plans, Bible Journaling Kits, Animations, etc.
    (Downloadable from the list of further resources below when ready)


You can find content from the 2023 campaign on these platforms:


The Bible Month Facebook Page Here you can ‘like’ ‘follow’ and join in on the general conversation about Bible Month itself as well as find updates, links and details for Bible Month related events and resources.


The Bible Month YouTube Channel Here you can find helpful videos including input from the Study Guide authors, full-length recordings of the various Learning Network events, and bite-sized input and guides to help you prepare for delivering Revelation in your context.


Bible Month 2023 FREE Further Resources

Below is a whole host of additional FREE resources designed to supplement the 30 Days with Revelation booklets.