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Before ever you made us, O Lord, you loved us. Your love has never slackened nor ever shall. In love all your works have begun, by love you sustain them and in your love our life is everlasting. So let the beginning and ending of all our loving be to see our God for ever and ever. Amen.

Julian of Norwich (c. 1343-c. 1417)


Thank you, Lord, for space and presence,
thank you for birdsong, rolling hills and craggy hills and dales.
Thank you for relationship and fellowship.
Thank you for the hard places to be.
Thank you, Lord, for the sacrifices of many people, which mean that:
   love can be shared;
   love can be modelled by your disciples;
   love can be experienced;
   love can grow as we give ourselves in your service.
We give you:
   our hands to do your work;
   our feet to go where you send;
   our eyes to see as you would see;
   our tongues to speak as you would speak;
   our minds to be attentive to your will
   and our hearts, that through each one of us love can be. Amen.

Loraine Mellor, Nottingham and Derby District Chair

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