A prayer for God's power in our lives

Endue us with your power, O Lord, that our mouths may speak your word, our hearts reveal your grace, our lives proclaim your goodness, and our labours find fulfilment in heaven. Amen. 

Sarah Mallet, Methodist Preacher (1764-1846)

A prayer that we may reflect the goodness of God

Holy God,
creation is your gift of grace,
pregnant with your presence.
You have adorned it with goodness,
with jewels of kindness
that shimmer and cast light into life.
The radiance of your Spirit refracts
through the lives of your people
and illuminates the darkness,
disturbing it with hope.
As your hand unveils what is hidden,
may we reflect what you reveal
for the good of all you have made. Amen.

Kerry Tankard, District Chair, Yorkshire West District

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Prayer of thanks for guiding us

Dear Lord, Thank you for being there when we are down. We thank you for being the light that guides us through our darkest times. You are the sun that shines down on us every day. You are a star that leads us in the darkness. Amen.

Chloe, Year 6, Radcliffe Hall CE/Methodist Primary School

Friday 15 October 2021

...they were all amazed and glorified God, saying, 'We have never seen anything like this!' (v. 12)

Mark 2:1-12

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