02 March 2007

Lost in Wonder finds fans worldwide

Over 5,000 people have a taken a journey through an online prayer labyrinth since it was launched by The Methodist Church in October last year. Lost in Wonder offers a place for meditative prayer for anyone at their computer, and the response from visitors has been overwhelmingly positive.

The site has recently been revamped with background music and an online gallery where people can share the paintings they can create as part of their journey through the labyrinth. In response to public demand, a standalone version is being developed, so that people can use the labyrinth even when not connected to the Internet.

Some of the comments received about the labyrinth include: 'I can't believe the É gentle peace that I am experiencing from going on the journey of your Labyrinth'; 'What a wonderful discovery Ð the labyrinth is an excellent aid to spiritual experience on this Monday afternoon.'; 'It was a fairly swift journey today to explore what was being offered. I shall encourage others to use Lost in Wonder, and I will return to have a more reflective journey.'

One surprise has been the number of visitors from overseas. The Revd Michaela Youngson, who oversaw the project, said 'although we speak of the world wide web, it still comes as a little shock to realise that people from all over the world are visiting Lost in Wonder. It is also great to receive positive comments from people with such a wide variety of church backgrounds. It was never designed to be just for British Methodists, and so I'm delighted to see that we are helping all sorts of people in so many places.'

The address for the labyrinth is www.lostinwonder.org.uk/

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