23 August 2012

Methodist Church at Greenbelt 2012

The Methodist Church is a major partner of this year's Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival. Here's an overview of what we're up to over the August Bank Holiday Weekend...


In the Galilee Talks venue, at 9am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, there will be 20-30 minutes of worship, led by the ROOTS team exploring these themes:

Saturday 25 August: You set the earth on its foundations

Celebrate our earthy paradise as you start the day.  Singing the Faith, exploring the world in Psalm 104 and making your own creation. 

Sunday 26 August: A little lower than God

Where are we in the pattern that is paradise? Find out as you start the day in worship, Singing the Faith, exploring Psalm 8 and making your own creation.

Monday 27 August: Generous unity

Celebrate the abundant generosity of our God by starting the day in worship with Psalm 133, Singing the Faith and making your own creation.


Saturday 25 August, Galilee, 6:30pm: Hope. Futures. Experiences.

Methodist Youth President Sam Taylor explores the hope and future that God promises us in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah. We'll also be hearing from young people about their experiences of hope.

Panel Discussions

Friday 24 August, Galilee, 6:30pm: Class Action

Should Christians always support their local State school or is it better to give children and young people the support of a faith-based school? Methodist President the Revd Dr Mark Wakelin chairs a debate on the roles Christians play - or should play - in educating our children and young people. 

Sunday 26 August, Galilee, 2pm: Game Over - Lethal force by remote control

Armed drones have the potential to change the nature of warfare. Drones offer killing by remote control - killing without a declaration of war - killing without risk to operators. Public Issues Policy Adviser Steve Hucklesby and his guests ask: "How should Christians respond to the legal and ethical issues posed by increasing use of drone technology?"

Student Space

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Galilee, 9:15pm 

Student Space is a chance to meet up with others, ask questions, learn practical skills, share ideas and dream dreams, and is brought to Greenbelt with help from SCM. Students, chaplains and student workers will be on hand to answer questions and share experiences. Look out for the dedicated Twitter feed (@StudentSpaceGB) and tag your questions (silly or serious) and tweets with #StudentSpaceGB before or during the festival.


We're delighted to be able to be running a sports area, open to all - especially the young or young at heart. Make it your chance to try something new like Boccia or Zumba. We'll also be running ongoing team sports. Try your hand at commentary in one of our workshops or find out more about Sports Consultation at a focussed session for those interested in sports management.

A Sports Cage will be open daily, and will no doubt witness some electric footballing skills from Greenbelters. 

On Monday look out for our celebratory Village Olympics, with a traditional 'village green' feel. Time to get practicing your egg & spoon and three-legged tactics!

Coordinated by Youth President Sam Taylor and the Methodist One Programme Participants.


A chance to meet, mingle and chat!

Friday 24 August, Galilee, 8pm: All change!

Are you an agent for change in your community? Do you work for justice? Are you active in politics? Join the Methodist Church in Galilee to hear from the Joint Public Issues Team and others about how together we can work to change our world.

Saturday 25 August, Galilee, 8pm: Methodist Mingle

A valued moment during the festival to pop in and say hello at the popular Methodist Mingle.

Sunday 26 August, Galilee, 8pm: 3Generate Mingle

Come and meet the Methodist Children and Youth team. There's a friendly welcome for anyone aged between 8-23, the chance to see friends, make new acquaintances and to explore issues affecting you, the world and the Methodist Church. 


All weekend, G:Source

Come to G-Source to see our latest work in social media, online resources, apps, and more. With our partners CODEC and Seed Resources we want to talk about how the churches can help nurture Christians who are as at home with discipleship online as in the rest of their lives.


Don't forget to check out the Methodist Church blog for photos, stories and news from the festival. 

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