28 December 2008

Methodist Church calls for international pressure to bring an end to Gaza conflict

In light of the escalating conflict in Gaza over the last 24 hours, the Methodist Church is calling for international pressure on both Israel and Hamas to bring an end to the violence.

Steve Hucklesby, Public Issues Policy Advisor, said; 'The devastating death toll resulting from Israeli air strikes has shocked many. Rather than improving security, this action by Israel could compound conflict in the region. It is also likely to make it more difficult to bring regional powers together in a search for solutions. Both Hamas and Israel must respond to the UN Security Council call for an immediate end to all military operations.

'We call on the EU, United States and the UN to bring increased pressure on Israel and on Hamas to refrain from violence. At this time of year when the focus of Christians around the world is on the Holy Land we pray for courageous leadership in the cause of peace.

'Before the recent outbreaks of violence, Gaza was already suffering a dire humanitarian situation. This has not been helped by Israel's blockade and restrictions on relief supplies. Now food, fuel and medical supplies are needed urgently.'

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