05 August 2005

Methodist Church launches podcast

The Methodist Church has launched a monthly podcast Ð a short radio programme available on the Internet. The podcasts are available directly from the Methodist Connexional website, or though audio software such as iTunes.

The Methodist Web Radio service launched in October last year with a range of features and interviews. It has since included despatches from the Methodist Conference, as well as speeches from the President and Vice President. The Podcast is an extension of that service, allowing people to subscribe to a free monthly show that aims to be informal, informative and entertaining.

Although there are other podcasts by Methodists available, and many more by other Christians around the world, the Methodist Podcast is thought to be the first by such a large British church.

Dave Webster, Electronic Communication Officer for The Methodist Church, says 'we add new features like this to the Methodist website whenever we can to broaden communication between the Church and the world at large. A quick glimpse at lists of the most popular podcasts shows that a lot of people are interested in religious subjects. Hopefully the Methodist Podcasts will reach an audience of people unconnected to the Church as well as Methodists. The topics under discussion will reflect that, in that they will hopefully be relevant to anyone interested in what Christianity has to offer. One of the great things about this is that people can hear about British Methodism anywhere across the globe, and we can record interviews anywhere in the world.'

Toby Scott, who features in the first Podcast, was inspired to try a podcast after he was interviewed by an American podcaster earlier this year. 'We already had all the kit for use in our ISDN radio studio,' he says, 'and the editing software from when we launched the Web Radio service last year. We're in the process of developing our skills so that it sounds as much like professional radio as possible, but in this experimental phase we hope listeners welcome it as another way to find out about the Church and the Methodist people.'

Future podcasts will feature interviews with senior leaders of the Church, as well as other people from around the world: 'there's no limit on where we'll look for interesting material for our programmes,' says Toby Scott. 'We will pick interesting people and topics and fit them into a short show each month.'

Click here for Methodist Web Radio and the Podcast

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