08 February 2005

Methodist Church statement on Israel/Palestine peace moves

The Methodist Church of Great Britain welcomes the news of moves
towards peace announced in Israel/Palestine today. The Church will
continue to offer support to all those in the region who are dedicated to

Anthea Cox, Co-ordinating Secretary for Public Life and Social
Justice, is due to visit the region next month in conjunction with
Christian Aid. "Although this is only the start of a long and
difficult journey towards lasting peace," says Anthea, "we celebrate
that the first steps have been taken. We are encouraged by the clear
signs that so many of those involved are keen to work towards peace.
The U.S., UN and EU all have roles to play in this, but peace can only
come if the peoples and leaders of Israel and Palestine want it.
Today's announcement is good news for the whole region, and our
prayers are with all those who will carry this process forward."

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