The Conference of European Churches (CEC) Governing Board met earlier this year and they have set key strategic priorities for the CEC’s work over the next four years.

The CEC aims to fulfil its vocation to promote Christian engagement in the changing life of our Continent. Bringing 114 churches together in common mission and witness, the CEC’s strategy engages with the challenges and opportunities of contemporary Europe. It is structured around three aims:

  1. CEC promotes peace, justice and reconciliation in Europe
  2. CEC strengthens ecumenical fellowship and promotes the mission of the Church
  3. CEC raises churches' voice in Europe and the European Institutions

They are inviting all in the CEC family, to collaborate on developing and implementing the tasks related to their plan, titled Together in Hope and Witness.

Download Together in Hope and Witness (Pdf)

In order to implement its work plan in line with its strategic priorities, the Governing Board created working groups to cover the following thematic areas:

  • Ecclesiology and mission
  • Diversity, pluralism and education for democracy
  • Economic and ecological justice and a sustainable future
  • Science, bioethics and technology
  • Human rights education and advocacy
  • Social justice

The aims and objectives for this work are outlined here (Pdf)

We invite you to identify and nominate individuals from your church / organisation who might be considered as candidates for membership of these working groups. The governing Board has committed itself to work towards increased youth participation and, therefore, ask if the Member Churches can nominate a young person for these groups.

Deadline for nominations is 30 September 2019, using this link: www.surveymonkey.com/r/TQYVVDK