Signs of Kingdom Growth-Conference Fringe-26th June

25 June 2020

We asked our World Church Partners and Methodist Women in Britain – “What does Kingdom Growth look like where you are?’ 

Our prayer is that as you read these stories of what God is doing, even through the challenges, you will be inspired in prayer and faith to step out in mission.  Be that across the street or across the world.


“Streetly Methodist Churches was given an MWiB Community Grant and has planned to build an eco-garden. Immediately about 2/3 money was spent immediately on 2 MagPosts (hardwood posts with a high-quality magnifying glass allowing children to examine insects, leaves etc.). One was installed in the Eco Garden and one in our woodland area. The rest of the money is for our 'Evelyn play area'- a natural playground encouraging preschool aged children to explore nature as well as have fun. This is very much intended to include the local community just coming in and using it as well as children from various groups , which take place on the Church Premises including a group called Nature Makers which is an eco-minded art group for children focused on teaching children to love the natural world.”


“During the last year Four Oaks Methodist Church started a drop-in called Bacon Butties. This takes place in one of the Church Halls and adjoining kitchen. It is open to anyone but, to date only one non Church member has come along but does come every week. Though there are Bacon Butties, there is also tea/coffee and other food. Monetary donations can be made but there is no obligation. From the money given there was sufficient to have a meal after one Sunday service from which two other Bring and Share meals have taken place. This is not revolutionary in most churches but these are encouraging growth. Due to the lockdown Bacon Butties is now taking place via Zoom, providing contact among attendees, many of whom live alone so have been visibly excited to see someone else.”

GO FOR GHANA! - Birmingham

“Two members from Four Oaks Methodist Church found themselves with a problem as a school where they had served in Nkanfoa, Ghana became too popular due to excellent exam results, so it was apparent that it needed to be a two stream school.  With increased support and prayer from the church and community, the three storey building is reaching completion.”