Work Experience with Global Relationships

My Work Experience by Finlay Mason (pictured right)

This week I have been working at Methodist Church House with the global relations team. I’m an A-level student studying English, History and Sociology with the ambition of studying international relations at university. I wanted to gain experience in this field and have achieved this with the Global Relations team, as their work consists of building and maintaining relations all over the world so that they can nurture Methodist communities and support people living in countries in crisis.


Andy Dye the Programme Team leader has been my guide through the week and has linked me up with lots of interesting people that fulfil different roles within the team such as Sandra Lopez Partnership Coordinator for the Americas who talked about the work of the global relationships team and their partners in countries such as Peru and Cuba. I was surprised to hear of the Methodist church in Cuba that has continued to exist throughout the rule of the anti-religious government. I also spoke to Andrew Ashdown, Partnership Coordinator for Africa, and he talked of the work supporting the massive number of Methodists in Africa.

These persons has given me a small insight into their areas of expertise. During my week I have also seen the work being done on the archives of the Methodist church to make sure that they remain preserved for years to come and talked with Liddy one of the Global Church youth reps. I have also had the chance too talk to some of the team that make the projects happen people like Simon Bennett who does administration and Trudi who deals with the financial movement of the grants.

In summary, it has been a informative and enjoyable experience as I have had the chance to gain specific insight into a global office but also experience more day to day things such as office based work and commuting. Thank you Andy and the whole GR Team.

To see some of Finlay's tweets go to @world_parish or if you are interested in connecting with the work of Global Relationships or volunteering with us please email:  gr.admin@methodistchurch.org.uk