“Today I am very happy that my prayer is answered. Now I am able to buy some rice and medicine” – COVID-19 support in Malaysia.

During the COVID crisis thousands of the Myanmar migrants in Malaysia have lost their jobs due to lockdowns imposed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and local crackdowns on migrant workers have become severe.

In June the World Mission Fund was used to support the Methodist Church in Malaysia (£4,400) with support for migrants from Myanmar 

The church in Malaysia have reported on their work:

 “Greetings from Malaysia!

We are happy to report that the support of the Methodist Church in Britain tremendously helps Myanmar refugees/migrants who lost their jobs and incomes. We distributed RM 130 to 165 families and 20 people got jobs by testing Covid-19.



There are many testimonies after receiving your help. Here are two. Mr Malsawma told us with happy tears, “I had no job and could not work since my twin babies were born in January 2020 and followed by MCO. I cannot even provide food to my babies properly.  Not only that, I have to pay rent for our room.  And also I cannot afford a medical check for my wife.            I always pray for God’s help. Today I am very happy that my prayer is answered.  Now I am able to buy  some rice and medicine.”  And also I received a call from Mr Abraham asking to borrow some money to go to the clinic for his 7 months daughter who is sick with a cough. Mr Abraham also has lost his job and no income since March. As soon as he received your help, they went to the clinic and now her daughter is better. He is still worried about rental and food.

I am also happy to inform you that we could conduct training on counselling and job hunting to help young people who lost their jobs and were psychologically affected. And some of them are now getting new jobs.

One of our members is soon to have an operation in Banting Hospital. He will also need treatment medication for his lung. And also 10 of our members are detained in immigration detention centre. 

Please still remember us in your prayers.”

Please continue to thank God and pray for the work of the Methodist Church in Malaysia, thank God for those who have been helped by this support and pray for those who are sick, in detention or not able to work because of COVID-19