A Christmas Message from the Methodist Youth President

14 December 2022

Christmas is a time of reflection and togetherness. Additionally, for children and young people, Christmas is also a time of presents, food, and tradition. Each Christmas, my family attempt to get together and spend the day reconnecting as we open presents from each other, playing the games we received; and promptly fighting over who was cheating at Monopoly.

Some of my favourite memories are from Christmas and I can tell you multiple stories from unusual chocolate themed nativities, to partnering up with a local URC church for Christmas Day, and having a joke battle with my uncle when we popped the crackers.

However, at this time, we need to remember those who cannot afford to carry on the same traditions as they have in the past. Christmas time can be extremely expensive with the costs in many households running to hundreds or even thousands of pounds. But money is tight this year. Everyone knows Christmas might not be the same and that includes the children and young people.

The other day I visited a group of children and young people. One of them explained how they were afraid that the cost-of-living crisis was going to make Christmas less fun. The young person spoke about how people may have accidents during power shortages, how people may become poorer trying to make others happy, and how people may even die because they have to choose between food and heating.

At the time of your festivities, please keep everyone in your prayers who cannot celebrate in the way they may have wanted and acknowledge that it is not bad to change traditions because of the cost, and don’t be afraid to make sure you are alright first, everyone will understand.

Despite the changes, the true meaning of Christmas remains as it always has.

Merry Christmas,

James Carver
Youth President of the Methodist Church