A reflection from Wales on the death of Her Majesty The Queen

The inaugural meeting of the new Wales Synod Cymru at Newton, Powys on 10th September began with a minute’s silence before the Secretary of Conference led a prayer giving thanks for the life and service of Queen Elizabeth. Later on, the Synod requested that letters of condolence be sent to King Charles and to the new Prince of Wales, Prince William.

In this way members of the Methodist Church in Wales shared in the grief expressed by so many across Wales on the death of the Queen. As with other parts of the United Kingdom, there is huge admiration and respect for her many years of dedicated service and commitment, linked especially to particular events in history, for example her response to the Aberfan disaster in 1969.

Looking to the future, there is a range of views being expressed. There is much sympathy for King Charles at this time, and fond memories of Prince William flying rescue helicopters out of Anglesey. But the constitutional position of the Monarchy is different in Wales and there are no official royal residences here, so about the future there is perhaps more uncertainty. However, one thing which we can safely say is that the Royal Mint at Llantrisant is going to be busy.

The Revd. Dr. Stephen Wigley

A prayer

Brenin y Brenhinoedd,
rho gysur i'r rhai sydd yn galaru
a doethineb i'r rhai sydd mewn awdurdod,
yn enw Iesu, Tywysog Tangnefedd,

King of Kings,
give comfort to those who mourn
and wisdom to those in authority,
in the name of Jesus, Prince of Peace,

The Revd. Dr. Jennie Hurd