Gathering and growing at 3Generate

30 September 2021

Cancelling 3Generate in 2020 was such a deep loss and we were enormously sad to not be able to meet at the NEC in Birmingham and enjoy a memorable weekend with children and young people. But despite the challenges there were still plenty of great virtual gatherings that took place where we explored together what it meant to ‘Tune In’ to God. 365 was also introduced: a way for children and young people to be supported to live out their faith and grow in their discipleship every day of the year. Electing our Youth President online was a real highlight and it’s been fantastic to welcome Daud Irfan as he recently began the role. The best news of all is that this year we can meet! And we’re overjoyed that in 2021 we can do this!

We’re so excited for 3Generate as it’s a great chance to deepen relationships and build on reconnecting with young people in our churches and communities. We believe you’re also really excited to meet face to face with groups again, enjoying all the benefits and delights that brings with it.

We all know the power of residential events, as a great way of having fun with, and deepening relationships with, our children and young people. These times away together can have huge and lasting impact on a child or young person’s faith development. Maybe we can cast our minds back to taking part in similar events in our youth and know how vital they were in spurring us on as followers of Jesus or encountering God for the first time?

There is definitely something very powerful about coming together, celebrating with others from around the country. The opportunity it gives to forge friendships and have that sense of belonging to ‘something’ bigger, being part of the wider Methodist church.

After such a challenging year or so, we believe children and young people really deserve the chance, now it’s safe to do so, to have fun together, share joy and celebrate. 3Generate 2021 promises to be a huge party—celebrating the joy of being together after so long apart. In our brand new space at the NEC there’s the ‘3Gen Town’, brilliant venues to explore, think, make, pray, play, learn and worship. There will also be some great chances to celebrate together: from the big light switch on the Friday evening, through the Festival on Saturday night with an international flavour and street entertainment, to the energetic mass worship with Urban Praise Party and up and coming band Echo.

The theme for 3Generate this year is ‘In Tune’ - with each other and with God, including exploring Peter’s story and how he was In Tune with what God was doing at different points in his life. Our hope is that as children and young people hear and engage with his story, they in turn reflect on their own, discovering how they can grow in faith and walk closely with God day by day.

As Daud says “through all the different spaces to encounter God through the course of the weekend, it promises to really spark faith in energising new ways that keep on growing once 3Gen is over.”
So what would he want to say to anyone still wondering whether to bring a group to the event?
“Take a leap of faith and just do it! Children and young people stand to benefit so much and the Children,
Youth and Family team are here to help make that happen!”

There is still plenty of time to arrange for a group to attend 3Generate— however big or small that might be: from 2 or 3 young people, to larger ones from a number of churches or across a circuit. Join in for a day or stay overnight for the entire weekend. Why not extend the invitation this weekend to the children and young people you know in expectation of all that God will inspire in their lives? Asking the question might just prove to be a lasting, memorable moment for them.

For more information about 3Generate and to book tickets go to: www.3Generate.org.uk
Get involved as a volunteer by signing up here: 3Generate 2021 Volunteer Application (typeform.com)

Gail Adcock, on behalf of the Children, Youth and Family Team