Hidden Treasures and Hidden Talents - The Cultures and Languages Festival of Music and Food

09 November 2023

And there was joy, singing, dancing and food, with the fellowship crossing the diverse Methodist communities in Great Britain. They were representing the whole, wide-world. Young and old enjoyed each other’s culture and cooking. This was an experience of being welcomed into the culture and language of other peoples’ deep spirituality, that depth where love is rooted and each person’s own name is found. Everyone was guided into those deep cultural roots, with the care of being led into God’s presence, into the unfathomable sea. That afternoon opened new dimensions (vistas) to our own personal faith as each participated in that deep digging guided by music, dancing and acting. We were in the holy presence of God. Some even took off their shoes and danced.

This was the second Festival of Music and Food of the Fellowships, Cultures and Languages Congregations and took place at St Mark’s Methodist Church, Tottenham, London, on 22 October 2023. The church was full, right up to the gallery. The presence of such a linguistically diverse congregation was a witness to the Methodist Church’s aim of being a diverse and inclusive Church.


All the hidden talents came out, even from the youngsters. They played their instruments, sang in their own language, and wore their cultural attire. I wonder whether they are able to perform that way in school or even in the congregations where they attend service every Sunday? Here they were confidently standing before a full congregation, singing the praises of God and witnessing their faith. I am sure that the culture and language diverse fellowships and congregations are God’s ‘Hidden Treasures’ for the Church and the world. 

The Revd Stephen Poxon was the Master of Ceremony and the Revd William Davis was the organising mind behind it. At the closing, the Revd Dr Jongi Zhile, the Chair of the London District, blessed the event in English (the lingua franca) and in several other languages, with texts provided by the participants. This was a sign of a Church comfortable with its Pentecostal nature, a Church of many cultures and languages, and of a common shared language too. And then, what followed, was a most amazing spread of global cuisine. We ate the food brought by the groups and drunk the homemade drinks from other traditions.

If I were you, I would get this event in your calendar for next year. It will take place again, towards the end of October and All Are Welcome.

Leao Neto

Global Communities Officer