JPIT interns in Parliament

11 January 2023

Over the past four years the Joint Public Issues Team has been fortunate to be able to host three interns. One works solely within the JPIT, one is half time with JPIT and half time with a Conservative MP and one half time with JPIT and half time with a Labour MP. The primary purpose of the internship program is to offer young Christians, from across the political spectrum, experience in political and parliamentary life and to create links between faith and politics. It also aims to provide valuable skills in research, campaigning and communication. We are incredibly grateful to the MPs who have committed a great deal of time and effort ensuring that the interns get a broad experience of Parliament and are offered insights into UK politics that could be gained in no other way.

The Methodist Church provides no money to the MPs who host the interns, however their time is registered as a donation in kind at an estimated cash value and this is the donation which appears in the Sky News/Tortoise media database which was released in January 2023.

Each year the interns bring new ideas and perspectives on the work of JPIT and make a valuable contribution to the overall output of the Team. We believe that responding to our calling to promote justice demands that we engage with the political life of the nation. The internship program is designed to be equip Christian young people to engage with work in their own way into the future.


Meet this year’s interns:

Alfie Prothero

Hazel Lee

Hannah Furze