#MyJusticeJourney stories

From Friday May 27 to Friday 3 June, almost 250 people shared stories of their own justice journeys as part of a social media campaign organising by the Walking With Micah justice project and Methodist Heritage

The aim was to share stories and artefacts of personal justice journeys, both past and present, to bring together Methodist organisations, heritage sites, churches and individuals to show our responses over time to the Christian call to be a justice-seeking people. Rachel Lampard, who heads up the Walking with Micah justice project, worked with Methodist Heritage and a small team of volunteers to contact Methodists in all walks of life to provide an insight into how justice forms a crucial role within the Methodist Church.

Over the period of 7 days, there were 1,170 mentions on Twitter with more than 300 of those mentions using #WalkingWithMicah as well. This serves an important reminder into the impact justice conversations are having across the Methodist Church.

There is still time to get involved with these and we'd encourage Methodist churches who haven't yet held their own justice conversations to download the resources and submit their response

The total reach of the campaign was more than 2.5 million, with a total impressions count of just under 6 million. The content being shared during the campaign was all about authentic voices telling real stories, which is why the the reach and impressions were so high. This kind of content performs extremely well on social platforms.  We even saw accounts like @CitizensUK retweeting some of the content being posted, showing that the reach of campaign went far beyond the online church community. 

You can view some of the top performing posts in regards to their reach below, and also see the conversations that they inspired as others got involved and shared their stories.










This isn't just a campaign for a set period of time however. We'd love to hear more about your #MyJusticeJourney so that we can continue to celebrate the incredible stories people have to share. Tweet your story using #MyJusticeJourney and email it to us so that we can include it as part of our bank of stories on our website

We want to celebrate the justice-seeking nature of those within the Methodist Church and this campaign provided a wonderful opportunity to share stories and make a statement about this aspect of Methodism.