Radyr Methodist Church: protecting God’s world

In the suburbs of Cardiff, Radyr Methodist Church has put climate justice at the heart of its calling by improving the building, offering lifestyle ideas to make the planet a better place and eco-friendly wisdom with its Environment Sunday Services.

02 April 2024

The past few years have been busy for Radyr Methodist Church. Alongside church life and its pioneer work, such as Forest Church offering families a space to make art, the church has worked tirelessly to make its building eco-friendly.

Some changes were easy to implement, such as using fair trade and eco-friendly products, reusing and recycling whenever possible and switching to green energy providers. In June, the church had its first eco fair, bringing together charities, local sustainable producers and initiatives such as clothes and plant swaps.

The building itself has been drastically improved with better heating, lighting and insulation. “We have achieved an A Rocha Eco Church Bronze Award and we are certainly working to get a Silver Award. One big job, is to improve our roof,” says Cath Taylor, who coordinated the eco fair.

Iinfrared heating was the best solution for the church targeting heat in specific areas. The system heats people when they are in the room but does not heat the air making it a cost-efficient way to heat the church.

Revd Judith Holliman – who is also a member of the Wild Christian initiative – celebrates Hope in God’s Future and the theology of climate justice during Environment Sunday services. “As churches, we really have a responsibility to say we understand it's God's world and we don't want to mess it up,” said Judith.

At the Environment Sunday Service last June, she talked about Genesis, science and why the circular economy is important.

She shared the wisdom that, “We need to stop messing up the planet, and that's a narrative that has really grown here. The eco-fair is our way of doing that more verbally within the community. Many people came and we engaged with them. We are doing this for the younger generations and because it is an integral part of who we are,” concluded Judith.

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