Simply the best

21 September 2021

In the second of a two-part series, Dr Nigel Pimlott draws on the value of coaching as he reflects on how it supports those in the Connexional Transformational Leadership Learning Community (TLLC).

For those old enough, you may remember the 1989 classic song Simply the Best, by the iconic Tina Turner. Originally recorded by Bonny Tyler the song has been used in films, TV adverts, as well as at many sporting venues. The chorus goes:

You're simply the best, Better than all the rest

The song is a love song expressing the joy and comfort of knowing that someone is there for us: holding us, speaking a language we understand, helping us be strong. It’s a song I often find myself referring to when I talk about coaching!

In my work for the church, I coach quite a few individuals and several teams of people. I love doing it. There are lots of development tools out there and they all can bring value in various ways. However, for me, coaching is simply the best process for helping people grow, realise their full potential and maximise opportunities. It’s simply better than all the rest. Leadership expert, Ryan Hawk says, “I have yet to meet somebody that either wouldn’t benefit from a coach or isn’t currently benefitting from a coach.” That’s the main reason we use coaching in the TLLC. We want people to benefit from coaching. Coaching really works.

I started coaching in 2009 when I did an Institute of Leadership and Management qualification. I fell in love with it and ever since I’ve endeavoured to be a good coach, working with people from diverse backgrounds. Being a coach, I’ve seen people find out who they are in God, discovered what it is they are called to do, find clarity when facing challenging situations, make decisions about everything from relatively minor dilemmas to life-changing considerations, and simply find great encouragement knowing that someone is there rooting for them and attentively listening to what they are saying.

If you are new to the idea of coaching it’s a simple process that asks the person being coached to identify something to focus on. It then explores possibilities by asking questions about it and them, involves deep and active listening in order to help further reflection, before inviting consideration of possibilities and encouraging future actions to be committed to. It’s a process full of possibilities, curiosity, lightbulb-moments and transformation.

Coaching is one of the key components of the TLLC. Teams of people from across the Connexion are in the TLLC and they each meet once a month with a coach. Their coach works with them to help them fulfil their action plans, bringing transformation and advancing the Kingdom of God as they go. As one of the TLLC leaders, Helena, recently said “the coaching is making all the difference. It helps to keep us on track, challenges us, and gives us confidence that we otherwise would struggle to have.”

So, for me, coaching … you are simply the best … better than all the rest …

Dr Nigel Pimlott works for the Connexional team as regional learning and development officer and facilitator of the God for All Transformational Leadership Learning Community.