We know that people can be put off ideas of 'God' and 'religion' for many reasons.

Bible bashing and finger pointing

Some people think they have to behave a certain way and believe certain things, and wouldn't fit in to 'church'.

Young woman facing the camera

Some people weren't brought up with any religious tradition and assume it's just 'not for them'.

Church gate that is padlocked

Some people are totally put off by things they have heard about church.

That's why the Methodist Church is growing new communities, starting new conversations, and exploring new ways of finding God.

We are starting new places for new people

Starting new Christian communities for those not yet part of an existing church.


New churches with those struggling financially

We believe that poverty contradicts the will of God. We want to celebrate communities where friendship is nurtured and the love of God is experienced.

Church at the Margins

We are having conversations that change things

Conversations with people who may see the world differently but are all looking for the spirituality running through life.

Hope and Anchor