Hopeful Harvest

The photos below are from Hopwas Methodist Church, in the Tamworth and Lichfield Circuit. 

They are a small but vibrant village church family, (28 members) and sadly have not felt able to reopen our chapel for worship at this present time.   The chapel is very small with traditional pews, and if they sat socially distanced we could only fit 12 - 14 people in!  Added to that they have some very elderly members, and people who rely on lifts from others to get to church, and also, sadly, a number who have health issues which make them vulnerable.

However - as one of the stewards said - they are holding together like a very strong net!  People are in constant phone contact with each other.  And over what should have been our Harvest Weekend (and in this village, Harvest is celebrated in a very traditional way) - a handful of chapel members decorated the outside of the church, as you can see from the photos.  It was beautiful!