The Wesley Church Centre - Chester

Project Regenerate

The worship area of this Grade II listed church in the heart of Chester was in need of refurbishment in order to create a sacred space where everyone feels welcome.  Their vision was to combine the inspiring architecture of the interior with the flexibility needs for a wide range of worship stypels and community activities. 

The cost of refurbishment was approximately £567,000 and it involved: 

  • Consolidating the 11 different floor levels in the worship area into 3 floor levels
  • Installing 2 permanent ramps and a rising hydraulic ramp which would allow movement of a piano.  
  • Replacement of pews with bespoke furniture 
  • New lighting and colour scheme

The project has been a resounding success!  The changes have resulted in the space becoming more inclusive and inviting.  The church now hosts events such as toddler groups, weekly concerts, knitting groups, bread making workshops and even barn dancing!

 Andrew Herbert, the Mission Development Officer stated, 

“We feel called to make Wesley a truly inclusive place, where people from all walks of life can be and belong together. We want the new space to become a home for local groups and activities that share this vision.”

Further information can be found on the church's website - www.wesleychester.co.uk/about-us/project-regenerate/

As well, here is a Local news article and information and images on the Architect's website