Friday 03 July 2015

Bible Book:

“Thomas answered to him, ‘My Lord and my God!’” (v. 28)

John 20:24-29 Friday 3 July 2015

Psalm: Psalm 31:1-6


When Jesus died, his disciples were so distraught with grief cutdeep. Deep grief can leave you sometimes just finding yourselfstaring off, not really connecting with reality at times. Maybetears flow, sometimes they don't. Into the disciples' grief,rumours start to build that Jesus isn't dead anymore. Echos ofhope…

For the disciples trying to hold onto this hope, when grief hasburnt so deep into your heart, such news is simply unbelievable andfor Thomas, he was hurting. The concept of Jesus being alive wastoo much to comprehend. His only response was to say he needed tosee it with his own eyes (verse 25).

And then it happened. Jesus appeared and restored Thomas. Therewas no judgement, no condemnation, just an offer to touch his sideand hands. Thomas was allowed to release his grief. And he simplysaid, "My Lord and my God."

Thomas believed in the resurrected Christ because he saw him.Can we blame his doubt? What does it mean therefore for someone tobelieve this story today when we can't see Jesus physically? How dowe introduce someone to Jesus when the story is that he died?

The gospel (good news of Jesus) is exactly this, that Christcame, he lived, he died and he rose again. He came so that we toocan have life (John 10:10). Now death has lost its sting. Thejob of the church is to testify to this. When we meet people likeThomas we need to remember that it isn't wrong to struggle withthis story. It is simply too much for some people to get theirheads around. But Jesus didn't condemn Thomas, he didn't judge him,he blessed him. Pray, be with them, and let Jesus shine out throughyou.

To Ponder

  • Thomas is often criticised for his doubt. In what areas of yourfaith journey has doubt or disbelief been something that haschallenged you?
  • Jesus blessed Thomas. What does it mean to you to be blessed bysomeone?
  • What can you learn from this story about grief?
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