Friday 03 May 2013

Bible Book:

“This was the Lord’s doing, and it is amazing in our eyes?” (v. 11)

Mark 12:1-11 Friday 3 May 2013


Immediately before this passage Jesus'authority has been threatened by the religious leaders of the time(Mark 11:27-33). Now there is a parable or storytelling to explain the Scriptures or about God, God's ministry andthe kingdom of heaven. Like many other parables, God is explainedin agricultural or farming terms. God created the world and thenhanded over its stewardship to people. When they have not stuck totheir tenancy agreements then God has sent prophets to remind thepeople how they should behave. However, the people would not alwayslisten to the prophets or soon ignored the rules again, so God sentJesus to show them how they should act. Here Jesus is explainingthat even he would be rejected by those within the land. Jesusreferences what we now understand to be Psalm118:22-23.

Today, this passage can be looked at with theunderstanding that Jesus has the authority of heaven and was God'sson. However, at the time when the parable was first told this musthave led to confusion about who Jesus was and what was to happen.If he was the Son and was to be rejected then what was to happen tohim and his followers, and how will this work for the glory of God?This would have also have implications if he was the Son for thewhole earth as it would have angered and scared those who heldpower as the parable alludes to a complete change and evendestruction (verse 9).

Like many of the other parable Jesus used toexplain scripture, understanding for 21st-century readers comeswith the knowledge of Jesus' death and resurrection. The Lord'sdoing is amazing in our eyes because the rejected cornerstone isGod's Son.

To Ponder

  • Where is Jesus' authority challenged in the 21st century?
  • What amazing things is God doing in your area?
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