Friday 07 August 2009

Bible Book:

"Because you did not trust me, to show my holiness before the eyes of the Israelites, therefore you shall not bring this assembly into the land that I have given them." (v. 12)

Numbers 20:1-13 Friday 7 August 2009


In this passage, we see indications that the generation ofIsraelites who left Egypt have almost died off, and a newgeneration are about to enter and lay claim to the Promised Land -Canaan.

Except, we seem to hit a déjà vu moment. After 37 years,this second generation seem to have forgotten that their wanderingsare as a result of their parents, and their own ancestors' sin.They are unwilling to accept responsibility for their own actions,and in their thirst and desperation, blame Moses and Aaron forleading them into the wilderness.

So now, the focus shifts from the people to Moses and Aaron. Forwhatever reason, instead of talking to the rock as he had beencommanded, Moses struck the rock twice, which was in contradictionto what God had said. In doing this, Moses made it appear that itwas he, rather than God, who was the provider of the water. Godresponds by telling Moses that he will not enter the Promised Land,and indeed, we later read that Moses died just as the Israeliteswere about to enter Canaan (Deuteronomy34).

We may think God was harsh, but is this really true? Moses, asleader, naturally wanted to prove that the people were wrong indoubting God, but in so doing he took away the honour that was dueto God. In taking matters into his own hands he showed he had notlearnt the lessons of the past years. Often our problems stem fromour own lack of faith or unwillingness to learn from our past.

To Ponder

On the Christian path, travelling from the old tothe new, how often do we learn from the lessons of the past? Whathave you learnt?

How often in life do we forget the errors we makeand blame others?

How can you make sure that you are trulyreceptive to what God wants of you?

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