Friday 07 January 2011

Bible Book:

"Jesus did this, the first of his signs, in Cana of Galilee, and revealed his glory." (v. 11)

John 2:1-11 Friday 7 January 2011


The first chapter of John's Gospel sets the scene for whatfollows in the rest of the book. Jesus has come, the light of theworld. Having gathered his first few disciples he goes with them toa wedding where, embarrassingly, the wine runs out. Jesus' motherexpects him to do something about it and even though it seems he isreluctant to do so, he turns water into wine - lots of it, and ofthe very best quality (perhaps not a very Methodiststory?). 

John describes this as the first of Jesus' signs and says that,through it, Jesus "revealed his glory". There are five other'signs' in the gospel, the last being the raising of Lazarus (John11). But to the Gospel's readers six was an incomplete number -the 'perfect' number was seven. So the six earlier 'signs' pointbeyond themselves to number seven, the resurrection ofJesus. 

Each of the 'signs' in John's Gospel points beyond itself, andreveals who Jesus is. The healing of a blind man (chapter 9) points to Jesus the light of theworld. The feeding of the multitude (chapter 6) points to Jesus the bread oflife. 

The other Gospels don't use the concept of 'signs' in quite thisway but the same idea is present. Look at Jesus and the things hedoes and you will see who he is. (For example, in Matthew 11:2-5 where the imprisoned Johnthe Baptist wants to know if Jesus is "the one who is to come".Jesus tells John's disciples to go and tell John what they hear andsee. The things Jesus does point to who he is.) 

To Ponder

What things make you take Jesus seriously, andpoint you to who he is?

Are any of these useful to you in introducingother people to Jesus? Why?

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