Friday 18 May 2012

Bible Book:

"This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him!" (v. 35)

Luke 9:28-36 Friday 18 May 2012


Following on from yesterday's love story theme, this story toocould be the stuff of films - stunning visual effects, a glorioussound track, a cast of celebrities etc. These can all be imaginedas we read of the transfiguration of Christ. Indeed the disciplesare stunned into silence by what they see.

If we are made in the image of Christ, then we too will betransfigured by our experience of God. Some people describe this asa thunderbolt experience, others like a journey that involvesclimbing to the summit of a mountain throughout their lives andsuddenly, as they reach the summit, they catch a glimpse of what ithas all been about.

This may well be an experience we find it hard to share. We may bereluctant to find the words or will to express what it means to us.It may be something that we do not wish to share, like thedisciples, but prefer to keep it as something very special, beyondwords. But we know that this experience touches and transforms ourinnermost being, which we then hold on to and treasure. Not forfilmmaking is this experience, but to polish and keep as bright asit originally was as best we can within our lives, as it is thestuff of longing and of food for our living that gives us purposeand direction.

The hard bit is, of course, the polishing, keeping the experiencebright within us as a source of inspiration when things getdifficult for us and not allowing it to be tarnished by the ways ofthe world and our wanderings into a less purposeful way of life.Polished not to the extent that we outshine those around us, butkept bright enough to be seen by what we offer which comes frombeing who we are, without hesitation. Just as the disciples had tocome down from that mountain top; they could not stay there for theworld was waiting.

To Ponder

If someone were to make a film of your life whomwould you chose to play you? A family member? A celebrity?Yourself?

Reflect on your answer in the light of theabove.

How has your experience of God been a resourcethat you can draw upon in your daily discipleship?


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