Friday 22 April 2011

Bible Book:

"After these things, Joseph of Arimathea, who was a disciple of Jesus, though a secret one because of his fear of the Jews, aksed Pilate to let him take away the body of Jesus. Pilate gave him permission, so he came and removed his body. Nicodemus, who had at first come to Jesus by night, also came, bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes, weighing about a hundred pounds." (vv. 38-39)

John 19:13-42 Friday 22 April 2011


Good Friday brings us to the point of remembering Jesus' deathand burial. We can often neglect these verses from John's Gospelabout Jesus being placed in the tomb. Yet the fact that Jesus'death concludes with the stone being rolled in front of the tombsets the scene for its rolling away (John20:1)!

Joseph and Nicodemus are powerful and influential people (Luke23:50-51; John 3:1). They had access to the most powerfulpeople in the Roman Empire. They were in such high standing thateven the request for the body of one charged with being arebellious leader, was granted.

These two characters act secretly and clandestinely throughouttheir lives. They met with Jesus in darkness and in secret. Theyremained fearful for their own security and safety, and yet werecompelled towards Jesus and his teaching. Even in the darkness andin the darkest times, they were able to demonstrate the importanceof hope and light.

Nicodemus had had an early conversation with Jesus (John3:1-21). There, Nicodemus covertly and secretly met with Jesusin the depths of night. It is almost as if Nicodemus' spiritualjourney is paralleled with Jesus' earthly ministry. Nicodemus hasobviously stuck around and continued to be discipled byJesus.

One hundred pounds worth of myrrh and aloes is a huge amount. Itdemonstrates Nicodemus' devotion to Jesus, even after all thistime. It also reflects once more on the wealth of both Nicodemusand Joseph.

That Jesus is put into a new tomb makes us realise that Jesusremained undefiled and uncontaminated, even after death.

With the aromas flooding the scene, the tomb is sealed.

To Ponder

Why do you think Pilate gave permission to Josephand Nicodemus to take Jesus' body?

What would you have written above Jesus' head onthe cross?

What is important about Good Friday for you?

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