Friday 30 November 2018

Bible Book:

] brought Simon to Jesus. (v 42)

John 1:35-42 Friday 30 November 2018

Psalm: Psalm 27


Today is the feast day of Saint Andrew, which is why today’s reading breaks off from our week’s study of Samuel’s early life and leaps forward 1100 years to Jesus inviting Andrew to be a disciple. Do these two stories have any connection? What also may be the relevance for each of us in today’s world? Martin Leckebusch’s hymn (Singing the Faith 660) perhaps sums it up in the words:
“Richly varied are our pathways’
many callings we pursue:
may we use our gifts and talents
always, Lord, to honour you.”

In the gospel records, Andrew clearly has a talent for bringing people into the presence of Jesus. Not every Christian feels that they have the gift of evangelism and yet, in different ways, every believer is able to bring others closer to God simply by being true to who they are. In today’s reading, Andrew brings his brother Simon Peter to Jesus; in John 12:22 we read about Andrew helping Greeks to see Jesus; in John’s account of the Feeding of the 5000 in chapter 6:8-9, it is Andrew who brings the boy with five loaves and two fish to Jesus. In the most natural of ways, Andrew connects people with someone he is proud to call his friend and his Lord. To be an evangelist does not mean we all need to be the most inspired and inspiring orators. To communicate the ‘Good News’ of Jesus, however, does mean being aware of the most appropriate time, along with using the most helpful language, to issue the invitation to meet with the living God.

William Temple wrote about Andrew’s gift as a mission enabler: “Perhaps it is as great a service to the Church as ever any man did.” Andrew was a follower of John the Baptist who pointed Andrew to Jesus; Andrew then follows this example and points others to Jesus. When we return to the story of Samuel tomorrow, one of the key aspects of Samuel’s journey of faith is Eli the priest. Eli taught Samuel the ways of the Lord and it was Eli’s faithful example that encouraged Samuel to have a relationship with God.

Let’s give thanks today for missionary-minded people down the ages who have pointed the way, got alongside others and enabled people to be brought into the presence of the Living Lord.


To Ponder:

  • Are there people for whom you pray regularly, but who have never been given an invitation to meet with Jesus? Could Andrew be an example for you?
  • Saint Andrew is remembered for his missionary example. Pray for those people who move out of personal comfort zones, as well as for organisations that move across boundaries, to give first-hand experiences of God’s love for others.
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