Monday 02 January 2017

Bible Book:

“But Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart.” (v. 19)

Luke 2:15-21 Monday 2 January 2017

Psalm: Psalm 8


You can look around the chaos of the post-Christmas house andwonder exactly what happened. Did we consume quite so many mincepies and generate that so much paper waste? Did we sing all thosecarols, and hear all those Christmas messages and songs? And if wedid, and it was as we remember it, 'was it really worth it?' Luke'sGospel gets this, the lull after the excitement. This account is away of anchoring the mystery of the nativity story with the complexand challenging account of Jesus' life and ministry and the growthof the early Church. "After the angels had left" (v. 15) tells ofthe shepherds who 'make known' the story that was "made known" (v.15) to them, and it is treasured and pondered in Mary's heart.Peoplereturn to where they came from, the shepherds to their'abiding in the fields' and the angels to their heavenly choir. Thebirth is over. The fuss is over. Everything is back to normal? Willthe mundane rule again with its calming predictability and safeassumptions?

Mary's life also continues. Jesus is made a member of the Jewishcommunity, by birth and circumcision. Everything is back to normal?A child to grow up and learn a trade, to leave home and havechildren; without quite so many sheep and angels?

Everything is back to normal? Well hardly, and that is whatLuke's Gospel is trying to say. The angels have come and gone, butthe glory remains. We are now to be aware of God's remaining glorythat did not return with the angels, or get taken away by theshepherds, or even be lost in Mary's heart. The child is wrappednot only in cradle cloths but in glory, and his glory is wrapped inhuman flesh and blood. Nothing can be the same. From now on it isall about mystery and wonder, and parting and sorrow, and joy andpeace to the whole earth. Indeed, 'Glory to God in thehighest'.

To Ponder

  • What do you treasure in your heart as you reflect on theChristmas Season this year?
  • Where does glory break through in your everyday life?

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