Monday 17 May 2010

Bible Book:

His disciples said, 'Yes, now you are speaking plainly, not in any figure of speech!'" (v.29)

John 16:29-33 Monday 17 May 2010


Here Jesus is coming close to the end of his earthly ministry.He knows that shortly, in Jerusalem, he will face accusations fromthe Jewish authorities for blasphemy and from the Roman authoritiesfor inciting rebellion. Time is running out for helping hisdisciples to fully grasp what his life and mission are allabout.

Jesus has tried talking to them in parables, in stories and throughhis actions but they have frequently misunderstood his message andmission. His closest disciples had not wanted him to travel toJerusalem, although he knew he must. Now time is running out and,as the disciples listen to Jesus, they sense that he is speaking tothem as clearly as he possibly can, about himself and about God theFather. Jesus tells them that God loves them because they haveloved and believed in him.

This plain speaking was very necessary because the disciples weregoing to face the most testing time of their lives. They were goingto panic and they were going to become scattered. They needed thereassurance of his plain speaking to anchor them.

To Ponder

Think of your experience. Is it always true thatplain speaking is the best way to get an important message across?Why?

Do you have any experience of plain speakingdelivered under pressure of imminent death or departure? Whathappened?

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