Monday 21 June 2021

Bible Book:

'Your kingdom come.' (v. 2)

Luke 11:1-13 Monday 21 June 2021

Psalm 149


Jesus teaches a persistence and boldness in prayer that might look like a secure and loved child asking their father for the things they need. He goes on to liken prayer to a friend asking another to help them out of a difficult situation, even though it is inconvenient. Jesus reminds us of the goodness of God and how God will always give good things to his children.

I’ve often wondered about the fish, egg, snake and scorpion in verses 11-13. God’s kindness in giving gifts is always for our good. I remember visiting Germany when my limited grasp of the language meant pointing to what I thought I wanted, without really knowing what I was asking for. I encountered many surprise cultural delights this way, but my expectations were challenged. It is good to know that God’s kindness surpasses the limitations of our language.

 Our ability to ask for things that are good for us come through persisting in asking God, and in seeing our requests reshaping as we grow in understanding God’s character. If, in full sincerity, I pray a blessing on a girl called Becky, whose name I mishear and  call 'Betty', God’s blessing isn’t going to float around the neighbourhood looking for the nearest Betty on whom the blessing can then be bestowed. The Becky of my prayer’s intention will be blessed.

 We seek to bless and support, but we are not God and do not have his understanding.

God honours our prayerful intentions and consistently gives good things to those who are being transformed into his likeness, whether through our intercessions on behalf of others or in our own lives. All Jesus asks is that we are open to asking for the Holy Spirit who will transform our faith with the power and love of God.


To Ponder:

  •  When have you prayed for something and seen God answer with a different understanding of the situation or need?
  •  Do you limit your prayers due to not being good at words? Try branching out today, trusting that God understands your heart and that language is not a barrier to his gracious understanding and desire to bless your prayers.
  •  Our prayers through persistence are refined and honed as we open ourselves to be remade by the DNA of Father God in the power of the Holy Spirit. We  become ‘less self and more Jesus’ as John the Baptist teaches in his reference to being the groomsman in John 3:30.
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