Monday 24 March 2014

Bible Book:
2 Kings

“Go, wash in the Jordan seven times … and you shall be clean.” (v. 10)

2 Kings 5:1-15 Monday 24 March 2014


Naaman's healing has a spiritual significance. The man wasreally a big shot. He served as commander in chief of the army andwas the right-hand man of the king of Aram. There was no doubt thathe expected to be treated with respect and dignity. But the problemwas, he had a terrible skin disease that horrified people.

Obviously, the story demonstrates God's power to heal, but Ilove its appeal for humility.

First, a slave foreign girl - a little nobody - suggests thatthe mighty general go to a Hebrew prophet for healing - what a comedown!

Then, Naaman goes to the king of the enemy nation. The king ofIsrael tears his robe, thinking that a terrible war might come outof this.

But the climax comes when Naaman goes to the hut where Elishalives. The prophet will not come out of the house to meet him butsuggests that Naaman goes and washes himself seven times in theJordan, and he will be cleansed. The high and mighty Naamanprotested, but a humble servant advises that since it is a verysimple task, why not just do it. Coming off his high horse, themighty general undresses himself and washes seven times and iscompletely healed.

To Ponder

  • How often do we reject the simple and humble things Godrequires of us to make us whole, to find our purpose anddestiny?
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