Monday 31 October 2022

Bible Book:

As they were coming down the mountain, Jesus ordered them, 'Tell no one about the vision until after the Son of Man has been raised from the dead.' (v. 9)

Matthew 17:9-13 Monday 31 October 2022

Psalm 96


Immediately before today's reading, Jesus and the disciples are on a mountain top (vs 1-8), where Jesus experiences something remarkable: a visitation, a vision perhaps, or a miraculous dream. But if it were a dream, the three disciples with him would have had the same dream simultaneously,  and this vision was real and it was important. It was a confirmation of who Jesus is and why he came to save us.

Imagine you’re on a getaway with good friends for a weekend. You’re expecting a good time with interesting conversation over a great meal. What you witness instead is a scene you’ve never imagined. Your charismatic friend is in conversation with two strangers, and they’re discussing subjects you don’t comprehend. You’re overwhelmed, as are the others with you.

You glance up toward the two strangers, but they are gone, just as mysteriously as they arrived. Your friend is alone, and just as your mind fills with questions, he cautions you to tell no one what you witnessed. (v. 9) Would your inclination be to stay quiet, keeping the astonishing event to yourself? Jesus made this request of hIs three friends, and if the gospel is correct, they kept their promise.

Since there were only three witnesses and because the gospel lacks a transcript of the discussion we might imagine they kept their silence, although without one of their testimonies we would not have this record preserved in the gospel.

Perhaps we are to appreciate the event for what it meant to those present, who followed Jesus to the mountaintop to a private audience with those who represent the law and the prophets. Maybe we can take away the thought that Jesus is undoubtedly the physical image of God, bearing God's authority. The identity of Jesus is confirmed for us by God.


To Ponder:

  • What specifically points to Jesus as the person of God made flesh?
  • How can you engage a friend in conversation about the way Jesus becomes real for the sceptical or the unsure?
  • Where do you make room in your life for the truth of Christ?


Lord Jesus, show us the ultimate view of yourself as we understand you in our lives. Complete in us our transformation to your image.

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