Sunday 30 October 2022

Bible Book:

'Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you will be filled.' (vs 20-21)

Luke 6:20-31 Sunday 30 October 2022

Psalm 149


Jesus spoke powerful words which may have surprised his listeners: blessings for things over which they had no control, such as poverty, hunger, and tears. I cannot recall a time when I felt blessed by a lack of funds, or a missed meal, or weeping. Jesus did not speak on this subject without offering a solution. The hungry would be filled. Those short on cash would find value in the kingdom. For those who wept, tears would become laughter.

For those whose life is not going their way, Jesus spoke about a blessing we may not notice. He was talking about times when people treat us with disdain or hostility, when they truly hate us because of our relationship with Jesus. He declared it good news because it was just as the prophets of God were treated (v. 23). If you wonder what the lesson of persecuted prophets has to do with you, just bring to mind the negative words you hear towards believers.

The next words out of Jesus’ mouth were even more unusual: words of warning to those who in this life enjoy riches, full stomachs and laughter in a world where others have no reason for joy.

To the end of this sermon Jesus added a word about love for enemies, being nice to people who hate us, blessing these people, even allowing them to strike us. This clarifies his words about the prophets very well. You see, it is not about how we are treated by others, but how we treat others. That is what matters most in the lives of God’s people.

To Ponder:


Lord, grant us your direction when life is confusing, and express your desire for our lives, that we may always point others to you.

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