Saturday 29 December 2018

Bible Book:

'For my eyes have seen your salvation.' (v 30)

Luke 2:22-35 Saturday 29 December 2018

Psalm: Psalm 97


By the end of Chapter 2, Luke has introduced to his readers a number of characters in the Jesus story. Whatever stage of life we are in, each of us is given someone in the story to relate to. Many of the characters in the early part of Luke experience the joy of Jesus’ birth, but some like Simeon capture a glimpse of the true meaning of what Jesus’ birth signifies. He is born to change the world, but that will come at a cost.

Simeon was a holy man; he lived in a time when suffering had become a way of life. However, he also lived his life in patient hope that God would take charge of the world and change it.

In seeing God taking charge and moving to a time when he will bring about the salvation of humankind, Simeon realises that there will still be sadness, especially for Mary and Joseph. Simeon’s words cannot have been easy to hear for he speaks of how Mary’s soul that had sung for joy at Jesus’ conception would cry in pain in years to come.

And yet as we come towards the end of Chapter 2 we see how Luke is already pointing from the manger to the cross.


To Ponder:

  • Who in the Christmas story do you most relate to?
  • Joseph and Mary go to follow the rite of passage or ritual of their day – and get a blessing bigger than they had bargained for. Has this ever happen to you?
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