Sunday 14 February 2010

Bible Book:

"And while he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became dazzling white." (v.29)

Luke 9:28-43 Sunday 14 February 2010


This is a dramatic, intense passage which contrasts life on themountain top with life on the plain. In the former, the appearanceof Moses as law-giver and Elijah as prophet leave the disciplePeter quaking in his boots. It is a unique moment when the hiddennature of Christ is alluded to by the brilliance of the light, theenveloping cloud and the voice of a father saying, "This is mySon". There are connections here too with Luke's telling of Jesus'baptism (Luke3:21-22).

But the call to do the will of God drives Jesus to leave theeuphoria of the mountain top and engage with the great crowd whichhad gathered below. Many today choose to interpret the language of'evil spirits and demons' in the context of 21st century medicalknowledge. What is not questionable however, is Christ'swillingness to engage with real, tough and difficult situations.The Transfiguration (the traditional name for the episode on themountain top) did not leave Jesus dispassionate and 'otherworldly'.It seems, in contrast, to have strengthened his ability to love,heal and care.

This is a tipping point in Luke's story of Jesus. From now oneverything points towards Jerusalem and Holy Week. For Peter andthe other disciples there is a hint of something bigger going on,of something grand and surprising. It is a bit like a father whocatches sight of his daughter ready for church on her wedding day.He is so used to seeing her in jeans that he can hardly recogniseher. In that brief moment he knows that he will never see hisdaughter in quite the same way again.

To Ponder

As you look back over your life, when have yougrown most in your spiritual life? Was it on the mountain top or onthe plain? Or maybe a mixture of the two?

Luke uses light as a recurring theme within hisGospel. Like a theatrical director lighting can be used tointensify moments and give important clues to meaning. You mightlike to skim read through Luke looking for lighting clues to thedrama that he is telling.

Have you ever had a moment when you have seensomething or somebody familiar but in a new light? Whathappened?

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